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I Am
April 9, 2008, 12:38 am
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The Word Made Flesh

Alive, In touch

The Word Made Flesh

Among us,Now in Us

The Messiah, Salvation

Rescue from sin

Messiah, Salvation

Our peace deep within

The Light of the World

Exposing the darkness

Light of the World

Revealing God

Bread of Life,


Bread of Life

Delicious and sweet

Bread of Life to meet every need

The Gate

To the kingdom of God

The Gate

Beauty adorned

Heavenly desire is born

The Good Shepherd

Strength and provision

The Good Shepherd

Nurture with vision

The Resurrection and Life

An empty grave

Death is defeated

The Resurrection and the Life

Eternity conceived

For those who believe

The Way

Unique, Only

Narrow and few

The Way

Fellowship with God

For those who would choose

The Truth

Nothing False

Complete and whole

The Truth

Word of God

Light to the soul

The Life


Joy, freedom, and grace

The Life

Shout out, Worship,

Run with me in this race





A Warrior’s Robes
April 8, 2008, 10:59 pm
Filed under: Poetry

On your knees, on your face, before a God of grace

Crying out for mercy.

Pleading for His heart

Wearing the robes of redemption

Dressed in purity white

His beauty rests on you

His joy bursts through you in glorious light

Carrying His Sword

Founded in His Word

The armor of a warrior

The protection of the Lord

Crying for a miracle

Believing God for one

Asking God, please awaken your church

Let us know the fullness of your Son

Pouring out worship from a broken heart

Rushing waters, flowing to the Father’s throne

You are to God a pleasure and delight

Joyfully dance, in His presence you’re home

Beseech the Father with confidence in grace

Ask for it all; let him show you His face

You are a warrior, dear child of the Great King

Do not lose heart; you are a princess to Him.

Dear Sister, God’s chosen

He delights in your heart

Your passion, your joy, your abandonment complete

On your knees in humble prayer you will not see defeat.

God will arise! Do not grow weary in seeking.

God will arise, and you will know the full joy of your King.

Glory Calls Me Forward
April 8, 2008, 10:55 pm
Filed under: Poetry

Glory calls me forward

It is within my reach

Just beyond the next accomplishment

Glory, calls me forward

Trophies to win

Medals to drape around my neck

Be better than the rest

Glory calls me forward

Grades to attain, top of my class

Respect, acknowledgment

yellow chords that make me stand out

Take my picture now

Glory calls me forward

Scholarships, invitations, chosen, wanted

An open mind filled with knowledge

Degrees, honors, more yellow chords

Glory calls me

I hear it calling, A great job offer

Money, cars, house, a spouse

Time to climb to the top of my field

Glory calls me forward

It still is calling

Tired weary

60 hours a week, on the job

house is a mess

wife is neglected.

Can you hear glory calling?

Dusty trophies on the shelf

Medals dangle on the wall of my room in my parents’ house

Diplomas packed up in a box somewhere in their attic

My accomplishments piled in neat little stacks

Glory is calling

I desire it, long for it, strive and yearn

Hours are spent in her pursuit

To be great, to have purpose,

To be worthwhile

Still she is so out of reach, Have I wasted my time?

A black book in a hotel room nightstand

Holy Bible on the cover, pages worn, tear stained

Flip through it, show me Glory, Is the answer hear?

Glory calls me forward

Toward the back of the Book

It reads Colossians chapter 1

Reading through, Jesus the Christ,

Always existing, visible image of God

Glory draws me in,

Excitement, The mystery revealed

“Christ in you, the hope of glory”.

Oh Christ, come and dwell in me.

Glory has been so far out of reach

And yet here you are pouring it into me

like a man filling up a balloon with a fire hose.

I am full, exploding,


Christ in me, the Hope of Glory

No more striving

No more reaching for something always beyond my fingertips.

You are glorious Lord

You have rescued me.

Christ in me, the Hope of Glory.