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April 8, 2008, 10:45 pm
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I am just an average girl with an amazing God. I was never that brave, never really outgoing, usually was afraid of new situations. I often times would try to hide who I really was in order to fit into a crowd. I was probably on a road that was going to look mundane and ordinary, but God. God had extraordinary plans for me, and I am pretty sure He had them in mind from my mother’s womb. He rescued me from the monotony of existence with out Him to a great joy and peace in Him. He set my life on a whirlwind adventure as a missionary in Korea and in Germany. I was given the great joy of sharing my life in Christ with teens on many continents.

After my world wide adventure of 5 plus years God brought me back to Huntsville. He let me continue in youth ministry and then he changed my focus. In the past couple of years I have fallen in love with writing the truths that God places on my heart. I love to study His word and then to communicate what He teaches me through the written word. I hope in this blog I can be faithful to write the things that God leads and to not waste any time on my own ramblings (although I am pretty sure I will ramble a little). So thanks for reading. Enjoy.

blessings to you!