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When God says Yes, but not right now
December 19, 2008, 6:15 pm
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(I wrote this some time last year.  God was teaching me to wait on Him for children.  My husband and I waited 3 years to conceive a child, and God came through, at just the right time.  More on that later. Until then, the journey of hoping…)

A freedom to hope in an unchanging God.

Have you ever had such a deep conviction that God was going to work in a special way in your life that you just knew it would happen soon. Perhaps God gave a promise to you and you are holding out hope that the promise will be fulfilled sometime next week. Maybe you have a loved one who is sick and you know in your heart of hearts that God will heal him but he hasn’t been healed yet. Maybe you have a promise from the Lord that he will bless you with children and even after a year of trying you still have no baby, but you know that God gave a promise to you. You know he said he would give you a son. It may be a promotion at work, after all you have been working so hard and the boss seems to have noticed. Maybe it is that your children will follow the Lord with all their hearts but you still wait up late at night hoping she will come in without alcohol on her breath. Some time in the quietness of your prayer time with God or even in the busyness of waiting in line at the grocery store– God gave you a promise. It was something you longed for, something you desired with all your heart and now you are just waiting. You are holding out hope. Your cries to God have become more fervent– Oh Lord, won’t you please make good on your promise!

Some folks are able to keep their God given promises under their hat. They are able to hold them close to their hearts without letting others notice what they are holding on to. I am not like that. I don’t know what it is but when I get a promise from the Lord I believe it will happen and I hold on to it with all my heart. I also tell folks. Well, I tell them because they ask those really personal questions, like when are you getting married or when are you having kids. How do you answer that question? Like a unmarried woman can somehow make a husband out of nothing, or a couple can decide, “you know this is a good day to get pregnant” and bam you are pregnant. What I think folks want to hear is that you are doing something about it. They want to hear that you are going to singles groups or they want to hear that you went to the doctor and you are fertile enough to fill a basketball team. They want to know that you are taking steps to do something in your life. I appreciate their concern. The only thing is that I don’t think I am ever quite able to satisfy their questions. I only know the promise that God gave to me. When I was a missionary in Germany God promised to give me a husband. It happened in the quietness of my prayer time with him and was confirmed when a godly lady at the gym who I barely knew told me that I was going to get married when I went back to the states. That was enough for me. I believed God. I had to believe Him. What was tougher to swallow was that sometimes when God gives a promise, He asks us to wait.

I am so thankful for Abraham’s story. In so many ways I can relate. He was given an extraordinary promise from God and he had to wait an extraordinary amount of time to see it fulfilled. I am sure he was not thinking that it would be some 20 years later that Sarah would conceive a child. Abraham knew how the body worked, he knew that it was possible to be too old for having kids– that certain systems stop happening. When he was told that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars he probably wasn’t counting on years of barrenness. It would only make sense that his dear Sarah would conceive and have many children. After all, even when given the promise they were getting up there in years. It was time– Abraham’s time, but not God’s time. Here is where the big mistake happens. Abraham decides after waiting a while for God to make the descendants come that he is going to help God out a little. He agrees with Sarah to allow his seed to pass through the Egyptian maidservant, and lo and behold, a son is born– Ishmael. Although God and Abraham loved Ishmael, he was not the promise that God had in mind. God had another plan, a better plan.

After Ishmael was born God gave to Abraham the covenant of circumcision, and then the promise of the son who would carry Abraham’s family line. It is so amazing to me how perfect God is with his plan and timing. God allowed Isaac to be conceived through Abraham after Abraham was circumcised. Even the seed of Abraham passed through the broken flesh that was a sign of the covenant. Isaac was born miraculously, uniquely, and with a mark of God’s blessing. That is the birth that God had in mind for Abraham. He wanted something extraordinary to happen.

God had a perfect plan. Abraham had no idea how it was going to all happen. I can imagine Abraham’s friends thought he was crazy when he told them what God had promised to him. I can also imagine they had plenty of advice for how Abe could start his population explosion. We saw the strife that occurred with Sarah’s idea of having Hagar carry Abraham’s son. Folks are full of good ideas, and even good intentions. How many nights did Sarah stay up weeping for her barrenness, or did Abraham toss and turn in frustration waiting for God to bring peace to his beloved wife’s broken heart. How many times did they cry out, how many times did they doubt? We try to make things happen for ourselves, when God is saying to us, “wait, trust me, I have a perfect plan. I know what I am doing. I know the desires of your heart. I know what you are longing for. I know the promises I made toward you. I will not forget them, I will not forget you”. God always hears, He always knows, He always cares, He is full of compassion. We can trust Him.

Even if you feel your faith is weak. If you feel weary waiting on the promises of God to be made manifest in your life. You can trust Him. At the very least, cry out to God “I believe, help me to believe”. God has given us many promises. He will fulfill them. He is working. Relax, and trust.